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Phil said...

Hi Aaron,
It was a pleasure for me and my sons to meet you at the Konteka (White Pine, MI). Later that evening we stopped at a place on the south shore of Gitche Gumee and visited with five hungry Black Bears. Send me your email address and I will send you a few pictures.
I hope you found the “hotspot” by the tank at the American Legion.
Dirty side down old boy,

Anonymous said...

What a bad ass. I happen to know that riding Deals Gap on a 21 year old Gold Wing is a feat only accomplished by one man on this blog. Aaron.

I was there. I saw it. He was outriding GSXRs like it was nobody's business.


Jared said...

Looks like you're having a great time out on the road. It's a once in a lifetime trip, so don't pass up any opportunity-see everything!

Good luck on the rest of your ride, and keep us updated often.

Nathan said...

Hi Aaron,

Sounds like your having a great time. What a trip! I never understood the allur of riding a motorcycle. However, your photos speak to what taking it slow is all about, taking time to take a look.
Enjoy the rest of your trip. I have bookmarked your site and will check for new photo so keep the blog alive.


Jerry Lee said...

Hey Aaron,
Great meeting you in Deadwood,SD. and sampling that great (and free) Jesse James beer at Hickcocks Saloon and Casino.
I'm home now in Chicago and living vicariously through you and your trusty 86 so post often, please!
Give me a call too, I'm interested to know if you found that little spot I told you about on rt.16 WY.

Anonymous said...

Strong work Bernanke!! You are making a lot of folks jealous, including myself. Do make sure you visit the inlaws in Jackson on either leg of the trip, they are looking forward to seeing you.. And you deserve a little luxury after some of the nights you have had!!! Please keep up the postings they are great! Please be carefull...

Mike D.

Edison said...

Sincerely appreciate the update!!
Pics are great. Keep us in the loop on this incredible venture.

Take care,


Jay said...

Hey Sly,sounds like you are having an amazing journey, and I can't wait to read all of your blogs. Have a safe trip, and hope to see you in September, either on the beach in NJ or in C'Ville!


Scott said...


I was the guy in the pic with brother Harry and Panhead Bill in Chicagoland. Looks like you are on a grand adventure, just like them. Enjoy every minute of it; you have an opportunity a lot of us will never have.

Great blog. Look forward to checking back.

Ride safe!

jilaena said...

Hey Aaron,

I am so glad you decided to stop by the little town nestled at the feet of the Big Horn Mountains, Ten Sleep, WY.

What a pleasure ;)it was to meet you. May your adventures be many, we will be with you in spirit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron, We are one of the couples from Ohio that took your picture at Big Horn in WY. We made the ride home in 4 days. Checked out your site, you covered quite a distance, we'll keep checking your site for updates. Enjoy your trip and be safe.
Larry & Jackie
Larry & Peg

Scott A. said...

Proud of the adventure you are putting together. My only wish is that I could be there with you to ride a bit of the way. So...her name is Jilaena...great name. Its fun to meet someone that makes your pulse pick up...isn't it? Great getting a chance to talk last night... how did the race turn out? Did they let you camp there too? Hope the hotel room & hot shower set you right for your journey across the border.

Stay safe bro...and I will give you a call soon!

Sam said...

Sly - Thanks for sending out a note about your trip. This looks like an incredible journey and I wish you the best on the long trek through Canada. NICE BIKE. Be safe and have a great time.

Abigail said...

Truly an adventure. Your pics look awesome. I'm impressed you kept up the clean shave. Thanks for your greetings from the Badlands and Chicago. I'll be home by the end of the week and can't wait to hear that you safely made it to Alaska. Good luck and have fun!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're taking the time now to make this trip. Praying for your safety and photo ops as you head through some of the most scenic mountains in North America. Enjoy some salmon for me. See you when you return.
Uncle Steve

Anonymous said...


awesome man. love the pics and love that you're seeing the whole country like you are.

all the best,

Brock Jolly said...

Very, very cool. Good to check out your pictures and read your thoughts. I'm in the Phoenix airport right now on the way back from Aaron Topp's wedding in Cabo. Look forward to seeing and hearing about the rest of the journey. Hell of a way to do it, Sly. Best of luck the rest of the journey. --Brock

Fun Memories said...

Hey Aaron, I enjoyed all of your photography along the way. also looks as if you are meeting some very interesting people. We are familiar with the Christian motorcyclists. They have given over 800,000 to help show the Jesus film around the world. great bunch of folks. Do you get a shower very often?? Hey maybe you will meet that guy that does "Man verses Wild" show. ha. Aunt Linda

Blogging Jogger said...


God bless you buddy. My simple gumption for camping out in Erwin TN is bolstered by you. I CAN DO IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! From the pictures it looks like you have had some great expierences. By the way, you could have seen my parent's farm from the top of Mt. Washington.

Janna Hampton said...

"Take yer time goin' and hurry back!" is an old Ten Sleep saying.
Was a great surprise to get your postcard--Thanks!
Happy Trails,

Dallas H. said...

Hi Aaron,
Greetings from Whitefish, MT.
Hope all is going well with you. We are having terrible forest fires here. Good to see the pictures turned out from Raceway Park. It was a pleasure talking with you that night. Did everything go well crossing the border? Hope you get a chance to see my family in Fairbanks,AK. You will always be welcome here at my house and with my family. May God keep you safe on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, hope your trip is going ok! I see you met my uncle and cousins at Raceway park. Like Dallas already told you, if you need anything please call us. Dallas gave you my cellphone number and our house number. Well I am sure you have seen a lot of country thru Canada, but hope you enjoy Alaska even more then our sister country. Well ride safe, hope you have a good trip!

Jordan Halden
Fairbanks, Alaska

Anonymous said...

been keeping with your ordeal in chicken on steve saunders site. hope it dosen't cost to much to fix! good luck! s78wingrider

Anonymous said...

Hello mate !!!
It's such a great adventure you're living right now !!! I didn't have enough time to read through your whole blog, but I'll definitely come back !
Have some fun.

Cyril, France

June said...

Hi Aaron,

You look great! Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip. If you get hungry, you can always order a pizza. Remember??????

Love you,

June Abbott (Scott's Mom)

Brian Stewart said...

Hey Aaron, we've been hearing about the adventure through the grapevine, nice to see some pictures. Sounds like a lot of fun, Alaska looks great. A lot of people talk about what they want to do "someday", and you're just doing it. Well done.

cathy said...


Fun Memories said...

Aaron, I love your photography. You have got to come WEST now to Rocky Mountains and Tetons. We had Adam here last week and it was great. Our goal is to have ALL the Sylvester cousins stop in KC for a visit. Enjoy the ride, Aunt Linda

William said...


You travelin' fool - I love you.

Fun Memories said...

Aaron, still plugging along. amazing perseverence. I was telling someone about your trip and they said to ask you if you have read the book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" have you? Aunt Linda

Liz Morgan said...

So good to met you and I'm sure it won't be the last! Anyways hope the rest of your trip goes well.

Liz, Haines AK

Stan Mandel said...

Aaron: These look awsome...wish I could do something like this...perhaps someday when I get old. Drop by if you return to WFU. Best personal regards...Stan

Anonymous said...

i'm super happy for you that you are on this awesome trip! like others have said, i'm totally living vicariously through you. those sand rides sounded scary! you're such a badass. it's cool to hear about how you're keeping your old bike running! anyhoo, you wanted me to reference the bike i bought in raleigh, nc - 1982 yamaha xj750j - it only had 13K miles on it when i bought it and was in excellent shape. a great ride and a killer price at $1K!
take good care of yourself for the rest of your trip and we'd love to see you in richmond, va on your way home! big hugs...kathryn

chief said...

Hey buddy I was the bartender at the Trailhead Tavern in Ft. Collins, CO. We were talking about Charlottsville. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

TW Winston aka Chief

pierre-louis Ours said...

Well done Aaron! I was looking forward to catching up with you. We thought of you often after Chicken and hoped that all was going well. We caught up with your BMW friend in Whitehorse; he was still waiting for parts. Bummer.

We are back in Ohio and taking care of necessities. Soon, though we will probably begin yearning for the open road. Julia's has a couple ambitious ideas going.

Keep well and stay in touch,

Pierre (and Julia)

Abigail said...


I can't believe you saw buffalo...up close and personal. Unless you're fooling us all and have amazing zoom capabilities. Makes me want to go back to Wyoming, the Badlands, CO...the whole bit and stick around long enough to make friends with the wildlife.


Susanna said...

I love tracking your adventures and getting to see all the pictures. Denali looks like a fake movie background and it's awesome! I'm so glad you're still safe. It was nice to get in on the speaker phone conversations at home some. I am very glad that everything worked out with your camera battery because the pictures are sweet. Keep up the great stories, it's fun to re-tell them to my friends :)

Abigail said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big bro! I think you've outdone yourself this year. I'm proud of you and I'm telling everyone about your grand adventure. Treat yourself to a special celebration tonight. Soak up the last legs of your trip

Love you,

Susanna said...

Happy birthday Aaron!! I'm so glad you get to celebrate by doing things that you've dreamed of experiencing for years. Boy, this sure is going to be the birthday to remember. I'm thinking of you and love you :)


P.S. Since you don't like birthday cake, stick some candles in a piece of moose and ice it with A1!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,

Happy Birthday! I hope your b-day celebration is wonderful, as it'll be "the year I rode my dream ride." Cooperative bike, good people, bright weather, lovely scenery. These are what I'm wishin' ya. Again, Happy Birthday!

Oh yes, my info: Caleb, from D.C. for work.

factoryphil said...

great talking with you from wichita! its a small, small world. hopefully you didn't try to keep up with kyle in beer drinking.
be sure to go by HWS on stratford rd when you get home and talk to tom (gm). and if you make it to the left coast, plan a visit to torrance - Honda headquarters - and a stop in huntington beach for a surf session with me.
keep the rubber-side down, bro!

MoM said...

Well, I feel real dumb. I missed this part/thought it was the same as the posts at the bottom of each page. I loved reading from all the friends.This is a custom journal. what a gift in your old age to read & remember.We love you

Hannah said...

Chris and I are enjoying reading about your adventures while watching the Dover race. Great pics...the camera was the best purchase ever. What a way to document. Even though the hair has gotten long, you stayed clean shaven so you do not look too much like a mountain man:) Love you!

Kyle said...

Hey Aaron,
It was great to meet you at bike night at Emerson Biggins in Wichita. Hope you had a good bday (Kansas Style), I know I was hungover the next day pretty bad. Well anyway keep the shiny side up and roll thru KS anytime you get lost again. Once again you make real bikers look like little girls including myself. Ride on.

Susanna said...

I saw a fly ball sticker on the back of someone's van and thought of you. You're the only person I ever knew involved in it and I got excited.

Sean said...

Hi Aaron,

Finally checked in, what a great trip you are having! I wish I had checked in earlier, I could have found you some more couches in the NW, although you are pretty capable I see.

Look forward to speaking to you in person later.

Peace, Sean

Anonymous said...

When are you making it to the C-ville/Richmond area for a visit???? We'd love to see you! :)

Kathryn & Sam

Va Adams said...


It was wild getting your e-mail. Glad to hear from you and even more glad you are taking the ime to live your dream! If you are in the Fredericksburg area look us up we've got plenty of space for you to camp out with the cows!


Fun Memories said...

Hey Aaron, Nanny is here and we got on your blog and I saw the KC pix. pretty fun. She is enjoying her visit and liked seeing some of your pix. Aunt Linda

Daniela said...

Hello Aaron. Your blog adventure is quite amazing. I'm not sure if you remember me, but you came into a Rome, Ga Bakery on Broad st. as you were heading back home to north carolina. It was probably one of your last stops. Anyway my name is Daniela and you gave me your info on a small sheet of paper. I have held on to this paper for months now and have regrettably been so busy that I am just now looking at it. I have to say, you made quite an impression on me. COngratulations on your adventure. It was documented well. I'm sure my brother would have loved to meet you. He ran a very successful motorcycle shop close to Atl in my hometown. He is the one who got me hooked on bikes. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line. It's alright if you don't remember me. It was several months ago. Alaska is beautiful. Good luck in your business endeavors and future adventures.

Aaron said...

Daniela - I sure do remember you.

Your timing is amazing! So amazing, that I'm doing something I've never done; leave a comment on my own blog in reply to a comment left by someone else.

So here's the story. I remember meeting you quite well, and about the time you were leaving a comment on my blog, I was sitting for a job interview in Boise, Idaho and recounting my time in Rome, GA.

It was the morning of September 26th and I sat at that giant table in your coffee shop. The front page of the USA today was an article about Boise.

The irony of your timing begins like this: A good buddy of mine who lives in Chicago spent last summer vacationing with his wife in the Rocky Mountain West. Their objective, visit as many places as possible to find the coolest place to move to for their next career move. His conclusion, Boise is the best. However, he was contacted about an ideal job in Rome, GA. Knowing that I was gallivanting around the continent, he asked if I would stop in Rome to check it out. Hence my arrival in your coffee shop. Someone had left a USA Today on the table and the front page contained a glowing article about Boise. I'd been there a few weeks earlier and agreed with the author's conclusion and hoped to find a great job there in the coming months.

It took you a few months for you to check out my blog, and it took me a few months to find a great job opportunity in Boise.

Unfortunatley, the HR representatives weren't as impressed with me as I was with the company and no one would reply to my request for an interview. So, I hopped a plane and flew to Idaho for consideration. Though I didn't have any luck with the recruiters, I did have luck with the firm's Directors and managed to get an interview.

On Friday (when you left your comment,) as I sat across the table during an interview, I was asked "why this industry and why Boise?"

I told the story of how Boise came so highly recommended and how, as I rode across the South and saw similar job opportunities, I knew that Charlotte or Atlanta weren't ideal for me and, after reading the front page of The USA Today in Rome, GA I knew that Boise would be a great town for me to spend a decade or so.

So I'm back in NC after just returning from ID and read your comment. Thanks so much.

As I left Rome that morning, I wished I had the time to find your brother's shop and to say hello. I would have liked to meet him. However, as I rode past Berry College and made my way toward the mountains, I did wonder if you would pursue a two-wheeled passion and commission your brother to build a bike for you. I certainly enjoyed meeting you and can say that our conversation prompted me to tell my buddy that "there are really cool people in Rome."



Anonymous said...

HI Aaron...Dave told me about your blog this morning so I'm checking it out. I hope all is well with you...I just read the last comment and I'm not sure how the job search in ID went...drop us a line or give dave a call so we can keep in touch. It was great seeing you on your way through atlanta!

Anonymous said...

Aaron..enjoyed your comments about the "short, fat, bald guy" at the World Cup races at I-70 Speedway. I am glad that you didn't break the camera with that picture of me.
I hope you can make it back here again some time for another blowout. Keep the greasy side down.
Rick (

Anonymous said...

Checking in to see about any additions I may have missed. To have just a huge adventure so well documented is pretty unusual. Great job. I love you! MoM

Anonymous said...


I'm loving reading all your adventures here. I had a brilliant idea the other day: "why don't I just buy a $500 GoldWing and do another trip on that?" So I went to the Internet to see if someone else has already done it...and you had!

Appreciate your doing all the work so I can read about it!



kalasea said...

Amazing photo of the badlands. What a trip you had. Nice bike!

Anonymous said...

Aaron, I have only two regrets in my life thus far...One was marrying my first wife, and the second was letting dreams such as your ride slip by me when I was just a young buck. The good thing though is that my real wife shares my sense of adventure, and the back of my bike...Happy trails to you on a stretch of deserted road some time...regards Larry

Anonymous said...

Hey Sly,

It was great meeting up with you in Denver. I'm glad you have a place to call home in 2008. After reading through your blogs today my life has been left with a feeling of emptiness and unfulfilled dreams. I read straight through with the exception of a job interview. I will find out how that ends tomorrow afternoon. After catching a true glimpse of who you are and where you have been I just want you to know that you have actually inspired me in a way no one else has to date. Most people only talk about wanting to accomplish their dreams, while you have actually lived yours. I am almost speechless when it comes to my gratitude in knowing you. Every time I step out on a limb and take the risk no one else takes to follow my own dreams your name will come to mind. Again thanks for the inspiration!!!


Daniela said...

Hi Aaron,
This is Daniela. We met back in Rome, GA in a bakery when you were coming back from your across the country trip. I just wanted to know how you were doing, and how your job status is going. My dad is still running my brother's motorcycle shop, which I was running for this past month of June while my dad recovered from surgery. Anyway, I'm in California studying music for the summer. I just graduated and am preparing for med school. Possibly looking at North Carolina Chapel Hill. Are you still living there? Anyway, if you remember me or if not, fell free to give a shout. It's funny, I barely know you, and yet your calm and friendly demeanor feels so familiar. I wish you well Double A-r-o-n.
-Be well

Aaron said...


I don't have your phone number. E-mail me at oldwingadventure at yahoo.


Anonymous said...

I just read your RR on and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not a member there so didn't comment - I have an ADV'er friend and he got me hooked on the forum. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I was amazed at the connections you made - especially since I recognized several places you visited that I have a life connection to myself. Thanks for the adventure. Becca

Anonymous said...

Just bought a Goldwing (84) and wanted to get it checked out. I am in Anchorage happened on your site through google. After hearing Ronnie's name in multiple places I think he is the man to check out my bike. I have not been on a bike in about as many years... 1988ish


Eric said...

Hey man;
Good meeting you the other day. And I am definitely going to take you up on your offer!

Rollaj said...

I read the entire journey and all I can say is that you got to do what many people (including myself) only dream about doing!
My Mom and Dad rode 'wings for years all over the country, now my wife and I are seriously thinking about upgrading to one and doing at least one long trip a year.

Thanks for the awesome story!


Steve Saunders said...

Hi Aaron, I just followed the link to here from the forum and sorry I didn't see this sooner. Yours is a great story, thanks for taking the time to write it.
Steve Saunders.

rayworx said...

I just finished reading all 27 pages worth of your trip. I was partially reliving my trip through you. Back in '74 (I was 22 then) I quit my job, pre-paid the rent and took off on my CB750 to do the '4-corners' of the USA. 3 months and 14,000 miles later I returned with a lot of pictures and some great adventures. Finding friendly people were the key to my trip as was yours. It was great to relive your trip and I was sorry to see it end.
Thanks for the great RR.

Anonymous said...

wow, what an awesome trip. i just bought my husband an 86 interstate for our anniversary. he is not used to riding it yet though. (he has been riding a 77 naked wing so he is intimidated by the weight)
i guess what you have done is a dream i have always had but on a much smaller scale. lol. what an inspiration. i am sure we will have good times on our old girl.dana

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, Just checked out your blog and your trip! Incredible! I feel kinda sad that Rhea's Gold Wing will be taking the place of your "Old Wing". But, it is exciting to see how well it will be loved and used! Wishing you many, many, many, many miles of happiness and good weather! Sunny side up!
Anita and Rhea

Anonymous said...

Aaron long time no see who are the best in NC we have a drink waiting for you

Mike said...

What a trip you made:) Thanks for sharing your pics and stories. I stumbled onto your OldWing North American adventure last night, while searching for old GoldWing sites. You definately made a trip of a lifetime. Love the kind of riding you did on the trip. Hit the road and let it take you where it goes:)

Hope to see ya on down the trail some day.

1985 GoldWing
pics of my wing are here

Ian Ontario, Canada said...

Hi Aaron,

People like you having the courage to make a trip like this, give hope to others and prove that anything can be done with enough determination. Thanks for sharing your pics and god bless!!

Glenn said...

Hi Aaron,

I'm in the planning stages for a trip to Alaska from the Boston area, on a 34 year old Honda. I feel better about being able to get it done now that I've gone through your most awesome account!!


Flat four said...

No posts since 2011!
I just read your story, I really enjoyed it. You need to do it again, maybe on the 20 year anniversary. Get another old wing and go for it.
Thanks Dave from Spokane Washington.